Ateca Energy | Mexico

Oil & Gas partner for Technical, Regulatory and Project Management solutions for Exploration & Production . 

Ateca Energy de México was born in México in 2015 to respond the increasing demand of Technical al Regulatory expertise of the Oil & Gas companies whom conduct E&P activities in México. For this, we have in our staff, ex regulators personnel who know specialy the local requirements to be full filled. 

We are part of ATECA Group, Oil & Gas service provider in latin america for operators with onshore and offshore exploration and fields development activities in Peru, Chile, Argentina and Venezuela. 

For the above projects we were part of the O&G company´s succes, providing Project Management and manpower services, all the time with expertise and recognizing as reliable partners for our clients.  

Our staff with technical expertise and strong background in the global Oil & Gas industry full fit the most demandant and high skilled requirements from our clients has positioned us as a first options service provider, delivering success and profitable projects, respecting first the security of personnel and assets, the environment and the social aspect in where we work.


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