Regulatory Services .

  • Advice in planning and following up for permits, processes, licences and agreements with the local authorities during the whole value chain, from planning, execution and abandonment.
  • Preparation of HSE Management systems (SASISOPA) according at the project and as per the regulator guidelines and criteria for approval.
  • Road mapping of all the processes, permits, authorization and notifications to be presented or submitted to authorities during all the life cycle of the project.  
  • Preparation of all the required documents, as per the eveluation criteria, for drilling permit application, including translation from english to spanish.

Problems solved by our Multiphase Measurement Unit “MMU”

1) Traditional monitoring of the well flowing condition is not continuous, it is carried out intermittently with the production tests of traditional wells (well testing).

2) Sharing the test system between several wells delays the detection of production problems, increasing deferred production.

3) Using tanks or separators entails accumulation of fluids and level control, making it difficult to know in detail the flow profile of the well.

4) High uncertainty in production results per well.

5) Difficulty in monitoring the results of interventions in wells.

6) Average results do not show dynamic behavior of wells. 

7) High acquisition costs of existing multiphase meters on the market.

8) Existing meters on the market are already packaged.


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